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​Welcome to the WUDPAC Class of 2022!

The majority of our students have undergraduate degrees in art history, anthropology, archaeology, chemistry and/or studio art. Many students also have master's degrees in anthropology, studio art, art history, chemistry, or museum management. We receive approximately 700 inquiries a year and usually have at least 60 applicants who have all of the necessary prerequisites, from whom we interview 24 and select up to ten. The students in the WUDPAC Class of 2022 hail from across the United States, bringing with them diverse and exciting preprogram experiences in hands-on conservation treatment, outreach, and teaching.

These emerging conservation professionals have gained experience in 39 different institutions, including fine art museums, libraries, historical societies, historic homes, private practices, and regional centers. They have worked and studied in both North America and Europe, furthering their knowledge about national parks and archaeological sites. They have varied artistic skills, including glass blowing, ceramics, taxidermy, painting, embroidery, and woodworking. The materials they have treated are as exciting as the places where they have interned. Members of the Class of 2022 have treated photographs, textiles, paintings, library and archival materials, archaeological and indigenous objects, and contemporary works. Highlights include photographs collected by W.E.B. DuBois, sixth-century sandstone sculptures, components of a World War II bomber, N.C. Wyeth paintings, and rare Persian-language manuscripts. During their treatments, Fellows have used a variety of analytical techniques. They have conducted multispectral imaging of Egyptian funerary portraits for the Getty APPEAR Project. They have used NMR to examine the effects of solvent on paint matrices and conducted FTIR to examine adhesives on thirteenth-century archaeological perishable objects. They have also used XRF, HPLC, PLM, and GCMS in a variety of capacities.

Additionally, members of the class have already broadened their conservation knowledge by attending workshops and conferences. They have taken workshops on chemical spot-testing, traditional Indian painting, disaster planning, and basket weaving. They have attended and presented talks and posters at conferences across the country, including annual meetings of AIC and WAAC and specialized symposia at the Penn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Winterthur, and others. The Fellows are members of conservation organizations including AIC, PACA, and WAAC but also participate in museum and art associations, such the Society of Illustrators, the American Institute of Archaeology, and the American Alliance of Museums.

Members of the Class of 2022 have actively shared their love of the field through public talks and outreach events. They have collaborated with indigenous communities and taught students of all ages about conservation and its many facets. The class includes three regional liaisons for the Emerging Conservation Professionals Network, and members have contributed to the FAIC Oral History Archive, the Connecting to Collections Care Network, and valuable diversity initiatives. They have also contributed to the field through unique and in-depth independent research.

Members of the Class of 2022 bring with them an array of skills and experiences. All members have a deep investment in the research and preservation of material culture. They look forward to working together over the next three years to broaden their knowledge of conservation, while also promoting the field through community outreach and collaboration.

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Current Students
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Current Students
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