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​Visiting scholar Sagita Sunara with PSP director Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner​​​​​

​Program faculty is drawn from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Agriculture, Engineering, Human Services, Education and Public Policy, and Earth, Ocean and Environment, and may include the Departments of Anthropology, Art History, Art Conservation, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Entomology and Applied Ecology, Geography, Geology, History, Plant and Soil Sciences, Political Science and International Relations, the Center for Historic Architecture and Design; the School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy, the Disaster Research Center, the Museum Studies Program, the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture, the Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation, and interested faculty and professional staff in other academic units relevant to any of the six areas of concentration. PSP students have worked successfully with professors and students in anthropology, art conservation, art history, chemistry, geology, history, materials science, public policty, sociology, and urban affairs , and other departments and have served as teaching assistants within the Department of Art Conservation and CHAD (Center for Historic Architecture and Design).​

Interdisciplinary faculty members who have supervised Preservation Studies Doctoral Program students include: 

Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia (ARTC)

David Ames (CHAD)

Wendy Bellion (ARTH)

Chris Bennett (ARTH)

Anne Bowler (SOC)

Martin Brueckner (ENG)

Vicki Cassman (ARTC)

Perry Chapman (ARTH)

Jon Cox (ART)

Jay Custer (ANTH)

Lu Ann De Cunzo (ANTH)

Alan Fox (PHIL)

Ritchie Garrison (HIST/WPAMC)

Katherine Grier (HIST)

Carla Guerrón Montero (ANTH)

Jessica Horton (ARTH)

Sandy Isenstadt (ARTH)

Paul Jackson (GEOG) 

Murray Johnston (CHEM)

James Jones (PSYCH)

Catherine Matsen (ARTC)

Julie McGee (BAMS)

Lyndsay Naylor (GEOG)

Robert Opila (MSEG) 

Chris Petersen (ARTC)

Bruno Pouliot (ARTC)

Chandra L. Reedy (CHAD)

Tom Rocek (ANTH)

Peter Roe (ANTH)

Karen Rosenberg (ANTH)

Vimalin Rujivacharakul (ARTH)

Joyce Hill Stoner (ARTC)

Neil Sturchio (GEOL)

Roberta Tarbell (ARTC/ARTH)

Andrew Teplyakov (CHEM)

Tricia Wachtendorf (SOC)

Robert Warren (UAPP)

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