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Conservation Department Tours

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    • A tour the textile conservation lab during a recent Portfolio Day

The public 

has opportunities for a behind the scenes look into the conservation labs at Winterthur. Since 2001, a subset of Winterthur’s guiding staff has been trained to give public tours through the conservation facility on the first Wednesday of each month. For more information, call 800.448.3883.

For pre-program applicants, tours of the conservation laboratories at Winterthur are available to potential applicants throughout the academic year. Pre-program tours are generally held once a month. Dates for tours during the Spring 2019 semester are February 20th, March 13th, April 17th, and May 1st, from 2:30-3:45 pm. (For those interested in attending, Students' Choice lectures will also be held afterwards at 4pm in the Winterthur Rotunda.) If you would like more information about department tours, please contact WUDPAC Fellow Karissa Muratore at

​Tour the furniture conservation lab during Portfolio Day 2016

​Tour the objects conservation lab during Portfolio Day 2016

​Tour the paper and photography conservation lab during Portfolio Day 2016

​Tour the paintings conservation lab during Portfolio Day 2016

​Tour the book and library conservation lab during Portfolio Day 2016

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Department Tours
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Conservation Department Tours
  • The Department of Art Conservation
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  • Phone: 302-831-3489