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Educational Materials

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​Materials Available from the Kress Foundation

​All didactics found in the "Painting Reconstructions" section are available for short-term loan and are intended for educational and instructional purposes.  Special considerations will be given to museums containing paintings that are associated with the Samuel H. Kress collection, although other institutions may be eligible as well.  In addition to the painting reconstructions, up to five sets of "raw materials" are also available for educational use.  These sets contain jared samples of raw inorganic pigments (e.g. lapis lazuli, yellow ochre, charcoal), parchments scraps, gold leaf, cochineal insects, and a dog's tooth.  All of these samples represent materials that were traditionally used by Old Master painters. 

Download the File Below to Learn More About the Available Pigment Sets

​About the Pigment Kits

Using Art in the Classroom

​Many of the educational exercises included on this website are specifically geared towards inspiring creativity in the classroom, whether it be through artistic practice, discussion sessions, or focusing on the "materiality" of art. As there is a rising interest in promoting interdisciplinary topics, the examination and analysis of artworks is a wonderful way to introduce subjects relating to science, history, and preservation.  The analysis of pigments, for example, is a topic that lends itself exceptionally well to the objectives outlined by the STEAM movement.  Students can learn first-hand the ancient methods used to extract organic dyes from insects, roots, berries, and other natural products or that certain pigments can be used for dating purposes (e.g. zinc white).  For more advanced students, the condition and history of an artwork can be used to  introduce a number of analytical techniques such as X-radiography, infrared reflectography, and more.  The Samuel H. Kress Foundation recognizes and supports those who are dedicated to the promotion of art history and art conservation and encourages educators to use the resources presented throughout this website.

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Educational Materials
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Educational Materials
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