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  • Alyssa Hull, Fulbright Scholar, examining Munch's painting "The Murderer" (Moderen) using XRF, with conservator Jin Strand Ferrer in Norway


​ Since 2004, 149 students have graduated from the undergraduate art conservation program, or an average of 12 students per year.  Of these students 37% have gone on for conservation/preservation programs in the US, Canada, or Europe.  Currently 12% are in the pipeline, interning and preparing to be admitted into a conservation program.  Another 31% have gone into related fields such as museum studies or libraries, while 17% have changed fields entirely going into, for instance, nursing, software development, or teaching.  

​UD undergrad alumna Clara Curran patching a neoprene curtain by Izhar

Patkin at MoMA​

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