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  • Alyssa Hull, Fulbright Scholar, examining Munch's painting "The Murderer" (Moderen) using XRF, with conservator Jin Strand Ferrer in Norway


One-Third Go On To Graduate Conservation Programs

An average of 12 students per year graduate from our undergraduate program.  Since 1994 when we began tracking our alumni:

35% (74/213) have gone on for conservation graduate programs in the US, Canada, or Europe. 

Currently 5% (11/213) are in the pipeline, interning and preparing to apply to conservation programs.  

Another 22% (47/213) have gone into related fields such as museum collection management, museum education, historic preservation or libraries, and

23% (49/213) have changed fields entirely going into, for instance, medicine,  law, software development, business analyst, or teaching.

Example of the most recent cohort, 2018:

Erin Cunningham: Interning/working for Brandywine River Museum in Collections Care

Oliva Haslam: Starting Conservation grad school at Cardiff University

Amanda Kasman: Starting conservation grad school here at WUDPAC 

Savannah Kruger: Conservation Laboratory at the Naval History and Heritage Command internship - planning grad school

Claire Martin: Starting West Dean for Wood Conservation Course and planning on applying to WUDPAC

Taylor Pearlstein: Starting grad school at University College London in Cultural Heritage Studies

Nova Storchio: Book Internship Winterthur Museum - planning on grad school

Greta Sweeney: Interning and applying to University College London Conservation Program

Alex Tewinion: Changing to Apiary Science. Interning in Vermont at an apiary (bee keeping)

Riley Thomas: AmeriCorps position in Ohio as a collection manager - planning for grad school

Abigail Thompson: National Park Service Collection Management Intern - planning on museum studies grad school

Elizabeth Van Winkle: Chemistry Research Assistant at Riks Museum and at Tech Park in Newark

Nell Weaver: Archaeological Conservation Internship in Turkey with UCL's Dr. O'Grady

​UD undergrad alumna Clara Curran patching a neoprene curtain by Izhar

Patkin at MoMA​

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