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MITRA Resources

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The following documents are intended to serve as suggestive and informative educational resources. They will continue to be revised and updated by MITRA's moderating board as new information comes to light regarding artists' materials and techniques. Many thanks to Natalya Swanson and Rebecca Anne Rushfield for their assistance in compiling and editing much of this information.

Painting Reconstructions

Duccio Painting Reconstruction

Rogier van der Weyden Reconstruction

Rembrandt Painting Reconstruction

Jacopo Tintoretto Painting Reconstruction

John Singleton Copley Painting Reconstruction

Claude Monet Painting Reconstruction

Arthur Dove Painting Reconstruction

Painting Materials

Flexible Supports

Rigid Supports

Solvents and Diluents

Adhesives and Sizes

Grounds and Primers

Mediums and Additives for Painting


Other Useful Documents

Health and Safety

Useful Glossaries and Lexicons

Useful and Informative Websites

Technical Art History and Conservation Publications

Artists' Treatises and Manuals

ASTM and Lightfastness

Disaster Recovery Tips/Mold Abatement

Myths, FAQs, and Common Misconceptions​​

Storage, Exhibition, and Handling Tips

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MITRA Resources
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