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Dr. Kristin deGhetaldi – General Painting Topics (University of Delaware)

Brian Baade – General Painting/Drawing Topics (University of Delaware)

Bruner F. Barrie - General Sculpture Topics (President/CEO - Sculpture House, Inc.)

Dr. Jaap Boon – General Chemistry Topics (President of Jaap Boon Enterprises)

Daniel Burge – Senior Research Scientist (Image Permanence Institute)

Tom Dixon – Storage/Handling/Transportation (Independent)

Virgil Elliot – Traditional Painting Practices (Independent)

Margaret Holben Ellis – Works of Art on Paper - Supports and Media (New York University/The Morgan Library & Museum)

Richard House – Digital Topics/Photography (Yale University Art Gallery)

Erica James – General Painting Topics (Independent)​

Matthew Kinsey - Art Materials Information/Studio Skills (Utrecht Art Supplies)

Martin Kotler – Framing/Wood/Gilding Topics (Smithsonian American Art Museum)

Rustin Levenson - General Painting Topics (Independent)

Gillian Marcus – Paper/Dry Media Topics (CCAHA-Philadelphia)

Mary McGinn – Health and Safety/General Studio Practice (Pennsylvannia Academy of Fine Arts)

Alexandra Nichols – Plastics and Modern Materials (University of Delaware)

Dr. Amanda Norbutus – Mural Painting Techniques (Rollins College)

Beth Nunan – Emergency Response/Painted Objects (Independent)

Dr. Bronwyn Ormsby – Modern/Contemporary Painting Practices/General Chemistry Topics (Tate)

Hugh Phibbs –Exhibition, Housing, Display (Independent)

Dr. Rebecca Ploeger – General Chemistry Topics, Alkyds (SUNY-Buffalo)

Jean Pretorius – Colour Theory and Colour Appearance Models (Independent)​

Dr. Dawn Rogala – Modern/Contemporary Painting Materials (Smithsonian's Museum Conservation Institute)

Sarah Sands – ASTM, General Painting Techniques (Golden Artists Colors)

Kerith Koss Schrager - Health and Safety (Independent)

Michael Skalka – ASTM (Chairman of ASTM D01.57 Artists’ Materials)

Dr. Gregory Dale Smith – General Chemistry Topics (Indianapolis Museum of Art)​

Chris Stavroudis – General Painting Topics (Independent)

Dr. Marc S. Walton - Inorganic Chemistry Topics (Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago for Scientific Studies in the Arts)

Koo Schadler – General Painting/Drawing Topics (Independent)

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  • The Department of Art Conservation
  • 303 Old College
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-3489