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  • Mixing Acrylic MediumsApproveRejectUn-ApproveSubscribeUn-Unsubscribe
    Question asked 2019-01-07 08:10:21 ... Most recent comment 2019-01-10 19:16:59
    Acrylic Paint Mediums Paint Additives

    ​Hello and happy new year to all!

    I have question about Acrylic mediums.

    I am painting with Liquitex Heavy Body and W&N Professional Acrylic colors. 

    I did a painting using Liquitex Gloss Medium/Varnish (Which people from Liquitex told me that it is best to use it as a medium) . 

    At the end, i wasnt happy with the results and i basically took other medium, LeFranc & Burgeois Acrylic Fluid Matte Medium (Since i liked the results more with it) and repainted the whole painting to something completely different.

    In this process i wanted so badly to make something that i will be happy with, that i didn't pay attention to what was on my pallette. So i accindetally mixed small amounts of previus medium (Liquitex Gloss medium/varnish) that was in some of acrylics, with this LeFranc Fluid Matte Medium. 

    I have heard that if i did something wrond it would be shown in few hours with acrylics? 

    I think that this is the painting that i will be happy with, so before i continue, i wanted to ask what do you think? 

    Did i make a big mistake in accidentally mixing small amounts of Liquitex Gloss Medium/Varnish with LeFranc Burgeois Fluid Matte Medium, because colors that were on pallette had small ammounts of both mediums in them...? 

    And is it a bad practice to switch from one medium to another on a single acrylic painting...? 

    Your answers would mean a lot!

    Kind regards.

    Marko Karadjinovic

Answers and Comments

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    As long as the mediums are both acrylic dispersion (water-borne) products, and not acrylic solution (solvent-borne) or vinyl emulsion, in general different brands will be compatible. No manufacturer can test every possible combination with other brands, so there is, I suppose, some possibility of an undesirable interaction, but in my experience, it's immediately apparent when an acrylic mixture fails. One of the other moderators with greater expertise with acrylics will probably be able to explain in more detail.

    Matthew Kinsey, Utrecht Art Supplies
    2019-01-07 18:18:32
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    ​Matthew, thank you! I have read under Solubility(ies) section , that  Liquitex Gloss Medium/Varnish is miscible with water, so i guess that is water based? About LeFranc Burgeois Fluid Medium i could not find a lot product info, just the main ones. Here are some of them:  Additive for acrylic paint / The fluid mediums make it possible to fluidify the paint while preserving a strong presence of resin, which distinguishes them from dilution with water . Can be mixed with acrylic colors in all proportions.   

    The painting is dry for 3 days now, and it look totally fine... There no cracks, no faded parts of painting, no bubbles, nothing... It looks, totally normal and fine. 

    I hope that someone with speciallity in acrylics will also have their say about this subject...

    Thank you once more

    2019-01-10 10:26:07
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    It is really as Matthew says - you will nearly always be fine blending different brands of water-based acrylics. Liquitex's Medium/Varnish has a slightly confusing name - in my opinion - since we often think of varnishes as being reversible and having a unique chemistry. But in this case it truly is simply a version of a water-based medium that they suggest can also be used as a topcoat. But no issues mixing it with other brands that I know of.

    Hope that helps.

    Sarah Sands, Senior Technical Specialist, Golden Artist Colors
    2019-01-10 11:08:42
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    ​Thank you Sarah! I very glad and relieved to hear that... I just hope that maybe you or someone else knows is this LeFranc Burgeois Acrylic Fluid Matte Medium water based? I think it is, but if anyone knows for sure, please share this info, i would be very grateful... I hope to get answer from LeFranc Burgeois about this soon, but with them, it can take up to few weeks... 

    Thank you all! 

    Marko Karadjinovic

    2019-01-10 19:16:59

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MITRA Forum Question Details
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