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  • How can I have slate veneer tested?ApproveRejectUn-ApproveSubscribeUn-Unsubscribe
    Question asked 2018-06-03 15:08:39 ... Most recent comment 2018-06-03 22:19:20
    Rigid Supports Industrial and Non-Traditional Products

    I have just received a sample of slate veneer, which I believe has the potential to be a terrific surface for oil paintings, especially if some of the slate is left visible in the finished painting. This slate veneer is thin and flexible. You can cut it with scissors, but it's real stone. The sample I have has a thin cotton felt backing. I asked the supplier if he knew if the adhesive used on the back were pH neutral. He didn't know. (Slate veneer is usually used in woodworking.) I'd like to know if there's a way to have this sample tested, so I'll be sure it's OK to adhere to a substrate of aluminum composite material (using either BEVA 371 Film or one of Golden's acrylic mediums). 

    If you're curious to look at the slate veneer, I made a 1-minute YouTube video called "This is Slate Veneer." Here's the link:

    By the way, if I do create an ACM panel with slate veneer, I would seal the surface of the slate with a gloss or semi-gloss acrylic medium (whichever Golden recommends) before painting on it. 

    Thanks for your help.

    Amanda Teicher

Answers and Comments

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    ‚ÄčAmanda, I'm sure I can see some fine cracks in the sample shown in that video, and also in some product images on vendor websites.  I think it's possible the mounting adhesive and top-coating might help manage issues resulting from the cracks.  I would also want to verify the fiber content of the felt- some stone veneers use a cotton/fiberglass felt, bonded with polyester resins.

    Matthew Kinsey, Utrecht Art Supplies
    2018-06-03 22:19:20

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MITRA Forum Question Details
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