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The Creators Project highlights Old Master reconstructions at the University of Delaware

In the art conservation program of the University of Delaware, students gather as much forensic evidence as they can to peel back the layers of museum masterpieces, then set to work replicating their artists’ gestures, producing historically accurate reconstructions.

NEH funds UD art conservators to observe practices at Cuba's museums, archives, libraries

The National Endowment for the Humanities announced Thursday that it will provide a grant to a group of University of Delware art conservators to visit Cuba to learn about preservation challenges and methods.

Student Blog: Preserving modern and contemporary sculpture

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  • Alex Nichols blog. Media Conservator Kate Lewis and Graduate Intern Alexandra Nichols inspect and surface clean Untitled (Photo credit: Amy Brost)
  • Alex Nichols blog. Nam June Paik & Otto Piene Untitled (1968) (Photo credit: Alexandra Nichols)
  • Alex Nichols blog. Surface cleaning Yayoi Kusama’s Accumulation No. 1 (1962) using a HEPA vacuum (Photo credit: Roger Griffith)

In this blog post, WUDPAC Class of 2016 Fellow Alexandra Nichols discusses the object conservation training that has taken her across the U.S. and around the world, leading to her current internship working with conservators and conservation scientists at the Museum of Modern Art on works by such artists as Nam June Paik, Otto Piene, and Yayoi Kusama.

Working toward a more hopeful future for historic works and sites

  • LeeAnn Barnes Gordon

LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, WUDPAC Class of 2011, serves as project manager for conservation and heritage preservation for the Syrian Heritage Initiative, working to preserve priceless antiquities and historic sites in war-torn Syria.

Banks and Harris Preservation Award to Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa

WUDPAC Affiliated Associate Professor Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa is the recipient of the 2016 Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award, an award given annually by the Preservation and Reformatting Section of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, and sponsored by Preservation Technologies, given this year to Cunningham-Kruppa in recognition of her service as a distinguished educator, her continued advocacy of library and archives preservation training and many years of professional contributions.

Student Blog: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

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  • blog. The FAMSF paper conservation lab, including Debbie Evans, Victoria Binder, Heather Brown, and WUDPAC Fellow Anisha Gupta, rolling up the 17-foot photograph (photo: Randy Dodson)
  • Blog Gupta FAMSF. Debbie Evans and Anisha washing the prints (photo: Heather Brown)
  • Blog Gupta FAMSF. the lithographs framed and installed in the exhibition

In this blog post, WUDPAC Class of 2016 Fellow Anisha Gupta discusses her internship at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, and her work with paper conservation staff—including WUDPAC alumnae—on the complex treatment of twenty four lithographs by the artist Ben Shahn.

Smithsonian Institution joins UD in protecting cultural heritage at risk

The Smithsonian has joined efforts to provide conservation training to collections managers in areas of conflict in the Middle East.

Tru Vue scholarship reports available online

  • Dr. Stephanie Auffret, speaking at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 2014 November.

Tru Vue, in partnership with the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation, offers scholarships to attend professional development conferences, with the goal of encouraging exchange and dissemination of training and information. Summaries of reports from scholarship recipients—including Winterthur Museum associate furniture conservator and WUDPAC assistant professor Stephanie Auffret—are now available online.

WUDPAC alumna helps preserve Boston's Old North Church

  • Architectural conservator Melissa McGrew removed layers of paint to uncover a hidden cherub inside Old North Church in Boston. PHOTOS BY JESSICA RINALDI/GLOBE STAFF

WUDPAC alumna Melissa McGrew is part of the team tasked with the multi-year renovation of the historic landmark, planned to coincide with the church’s tricentennial and the 250th anniversary of Paul Revere’s famous ride.

Art conservation and a life in the sun

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  • ARTC eblast Feb 2016. Madeline Corona preparing for consolidation of the lifting and flaking lacquer by softening the ground with a mixture of water and ethanol applied using a syringe
  • ARTC eblast Feb 2016. Reflected light  photomicrograph showing a detail of a figure in the central panel, with areas of loss and lifting lacquer.
  • ARTC eblast Feb 2016. Cross-section of a sample from the tray; ultra-violet-induced visible fluorescence shows two thick layers of lacquer over a single ground layer.

It is easy to imagine lacquer tea trays, imported to from China and valued both as functional and decorative items, displayed in sunny late-18th- and 19th-century drawing rooms when not in use. But sunlight has its drawbacks, and WUDPAC Fellow Madeline Corona believes that exposure to light is responsible for some of the deterioration evident in the lacquer tea tray from the Winterthur collection that became her technical study and a treatment project. 

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