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Conservators plan study trip to Cuba

The National Endowment for the Humanities has announced plans to send a group of U.S. conservators, students, and graduates from the University of Delaware to Cuba to learn about the preservation challenges faced there.

The conservation detective

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  • Gerrit Albertson. "The Bibliophile," a 1932 painting by Susan Macdowell Eakins, is painted over an unfinished portrait of a man (courtesy of the Bryn Mawr College Special Collections Dept).
  • Gerrit Albertson. Eakins. spectroscopic imagery, beneath the seated reader, there is an unfinished, sketchy-looking painting of a half-length male figure; the head is visible (courtesy NGA).

The work of WUDPAC Fellow Gerritt Albertson was recently featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer story about the surprising secret hidden beneath a painting by Susan Macdowell Eakins.

Art conservation and a journey home

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  • ARTC eblast April 2016. WUDPAC Fellow Leah Bright examining the Tlingit  basket during treatment
  • ARTC eblast April 2016. Leah Bright. Detail  of a tear in the rim of the basket before treatment
  • ARTC eblast April 2016. Leah Bright. Japanese tissue mends used  to reattach three fragments to the rim of  the basket
  • ARTC eblast April 2016. Leah Bright. The basket rim before  reattachment of the six fragments
  • ARTC eblast April 2016. Leah Bright. The basket rim after treatment with all repairs highlighted.

Students are seldom able to see an object they have treated be returned to its cultural homeland. WUDPAC Fellow Leah Bright is an exception, since the more than 100-year-old Tlingit basket she treated has been recently returned to Alaska in the care of modern-day Tlingit weaver and basket maker Teri Rofkar.

Student Blog: Cleveland Museum of Art

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  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland. Working on Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #797. Photo by Jacinta Johnson
  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland.Testing solvents for varnish removal on Jean-Achille Benouville’s Landscape with Rider on a White Horse (1846).
  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland. Removing overpaint on Jean-Achille Benouville’s Landscape with Rider on a White Horse (1846).
  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland. Inpainting areas of loss and abrasion on Albert Bloch’s View of a Factory (1911)
  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland. Vacuuming the verso of Albert Bloch’s View of a Factory (1911).
  • Bianca Garcia. Cleveland.Pre-stretching a canvas in preparation for lining. Photo by Dean Yoder.

In this blog post, WUDPAC Class of 2016 Fellow Bianca Garcia discusses her internship experience at the Cleveland Museum of Art, working alongside conservation department staff on a wide range of installation and treatment projects including the complex process of restoring glossy and matte surfaces to a painting by artist Albert Bloch.

The Creators Project highlights Old Master reconstructions at the University of Delaware

In the art conservation program of the University of Delaware, students gather as much forensic evidence as they can to peel back the layers of museum masterpieces, then set to work replicating their artists’ gestures, producing historically accurate reconstructions.

NEH funds UD art conservators to observe practices at Cuba's museums, archives, libraries

The National Endowment for the Humanities announced Thursday that it will provide a grant to a group of University of Delware art conservators to visit Cuba to learn about preservation challenges and methods.

Art conservation and the transfer of knowledge

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  • ARTC eblast March 2016. WUDPAC Fellow Julia Commander testing agarose gel poultices for stain reduction
  • ARTC eblast March 2016. Acetone and cotton poulticing to reverse old repairs. Julia Commander.
  • ARTC eblast March 2016. aged adhesive residues in break edges. Julia Commander.
  • ARTC eblast March 2016. Before treatment, detail of pouring lip. Julia Commander.
  • ARTC eblast March 2016. Before treatment, front view. Julia Commander.
Enthusiasm for hunting in 18th- and 19th-century England carried over to daily life, through the use of tableware and dishes decorated with hunting motifs. In the early 19th century, large ceramic jugs with this popular imagery were often created for export to the American market. One such jug from the Winterthur collection recently became a treatment project and technical study for WUDPAC Fellow Julia Commander.

Student Blog: Preserving modern and contemporary sculpture

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  • Alex Nichols blog. Media Conservator Kate Lewis and Graduate Intern Alexandra Nichols inspect and surface clean Untitled (Photo credit: Amy Brost)
  • Alex Nichols blog. Nam June Paik & Otto Piene Untitled (1968) (Photo credit: Alexandra Nichols)
  • Alex Nichols blog. Surface cleaning Yayoi Kusama’s Accumulation No. 1 (1962) using a HEPA vacuum (Photo credit: Roger Griffith)

In this blog post, WUDPAC Class of 2016 Fellow Alexandra Nichols discusses the object conservation training that has taken her across the U.S. and around the world, leading to her current internship working with conservators and conservation scientists at the Museum of Modern Art on works by such artists as Nam June Paik, Otto Piene, and Yayoi Kusama.

Working toward a more hopeful future for historic works and sites

  • LeeAnn Barnes Gordon

LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, WUDPAC Class of 2011, serves as project manager for conservation and heritage preservation for the Syrian Heritage Initiative, working to preserve priceless antiquities and historic sites in war-torn Syria.

Banks and Harris Preservation Award to Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa

WUDPAC Affiliated Associate Professor Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa is the recipient of the 2016 Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award, an award given annually by the Preservation and Reformatting Section of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services, and sponsored by Preservation Technologies, given this year to Cunningham-Kruppa in recognition of her service as a distinguished educator, her continued advocacy of library and archives preservation training and many years of professional contributions.

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