Joelle D.J. Wickens, Ph.D.

Conservator, Preventive Conservation Team Head
and Affiliated Assistant Professor 

Joelle joined the Winterthur faculty and staff in 2008. She currently leads the development and implementation of preventive conservation education for the WUDPAC program. These responsibilities include first year preventive block, the preventive conservation minor which is open to all second year students, a second year course entitled Preventive Conservation Research and Applications and supporting the continued preventive skills development of third year fellows.

She also directs a team of professionals at Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library who develop and implement preventive conservation policies and practices at the institution. This involves oversight of lighting, integrated pest management, storage, interior environmental conditions, housekeeping, storage and display materials testing, advising on facilities projects which impact collection spaces, care in collections training and more.

Joelle co-founded AIC’s Collection Care Network (CCN) in 2011 and served as its first chair from 2011 – 2014. She served on the program committee for the 2014 AIC Annual Meeting. Her recent conference presentations and publications include co-authored work on Oddy Testing and the impact of air currents on textiles on display. Joelle’s current projects include: working with Association of North American Graduate Programs in Conservation (ANAGPIC) preventive conservation professors to develop curriculum sharing efforts; spear heading the possible establishment of a preventive conservation major at WUDPAC; researching the impact on the conservation field of the use of a wide variety of Oddy Testing protocols; understanding possibilities for light management in historic houses.

Joelle holds a PhD and an MA (Distinction) from the Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton, UK and a B.A. in American Civilization from the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Joelle Wickens in textile laboratory at Winterthur
  • Joelle D. J. Wickens