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Undergraduate Internships

Two internships are required to be taken for credit for the major.  We recommend that the first formal "in-house" internship (ARTC 464) is with one of our faculty members on campus or at the Winterthur Museum.  The second internship can be in-house with another faculty member or at another institution. If an internship for credit is undertaken during summer or winter breaks,  at a museum or conservation center outside of UD, then it is important to sign up for ARTC 464 015 and select a faculty sponsor.  

More than two internships are needed in preparation for graduate school.  We encourage students to undertake internships on their own (not for credit) in addition to the two that are required.  Be sure to document your internship to use it in your portfolios! 

For those planning to apply to conservation graduate programs a minimum of 400 hours of internship is required.  In recent years incoming WUDPAC classes have averaged 2000 internship hours!   

See listings for internships 

​Internship Obligations:

  • At least 85 hours 
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Reflection journal
  • Internship summary
  • Examples of documentation or work completed

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