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Writing Tips

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As you make the change from high school to college, it is important that your writing reflects this transition. You will be writing many different kinds of essays and assignments and will likely be exposed to new citation styles specific to your field of study. It is important to repeatedly check your writing for plagiarism; the most common form of plagiarism is accidental and unintended, but it is no less serious than intentionally using another persons words.

Writing a paragraph summarizing another persons work and then citing them only at the end of the paragraph is NOT a proper citation. You must make it obvious when you first start summarizing or paraphrasing ideas that are not you own; consider starting the paragraph with an attributive tag (According to _____, as _____ observes, one author defines, etc). Different citation styles have different rules regarding the placement of names, dates, and page numbers within the sentence.  

Here are some general tips on college writing versus casual writing:

College & Professional WritingCasual Writing

I and me usage discouraged

I and me usage appropriate

Only allowable contraction: it’s

Contractions allowed

Include professional titles

First-name basis allowable

Sexism should be avoided: use humankind, chairperson

Is sexism/racism ever good?

Spell and grammar check essential

Depends on your sense of pride

Citations crucial

Depends on your sense of honesty​

Helpful​ links:

University of Delaware Writing Center 

University of Delaware Office of Student Conduct: Academic Integrity 

Amusing and informative videos on plagiarism by Rutgers University

Purdue Online Writing Lab

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Writing Tips
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Writing Tips
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