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Studio Arts

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  • Color Mixing and Matching Coursework  (primary palette)


Studio Art Courses 

For the Art Conservation major we recommend starting with ARTC 280: Studio in the Materials and Techniques of Drawing in the West, a drawing course taught by Brian Baade in fall semester. In the spring, take ARTC 185 Color Mixing and Matching. In addition to the drawing and color course, we require at least one more traditional methods course and two additional courses from the Art Department. See list below for options.​​

The following courses are taught by Brian Baade:

ARTC 185 Color Mixing and Matching (Spring)

ARTC 280 Studio in the Materials and Techniques of Drawing in the West (Fall)

ARTC 488 Studio Materials and Techniques of Painting I

ARTC 489 Studio Materials and Techniques of Painting II  

Art Department Courses

At least three courses from the Art Department are required. Choose courses from the list below, but you should think about how to put together a studio portfolio that will meet conservation graduate school course requirements.

ART 231  Introduction to painting
ART 243  Introduction to printmaking
ART 250  Introduction to sculpture
ART 281  Darkroom photography
ART 290  Introduction to ceramics
ART 309  Book Arts
ART 331  Intermediate painting
ART 334  Figure painting
ART 335  Drawing Approaches
ART 350  Sculpture  Processes   

Finally, consider a Fine Art minor, you are well on your way with the ARTC requirements! ​

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