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Freshman Francine Mancuso tests out proper textile labeling techniques as part of the coursework for ARTC 301, Care and Preservation of Cultural Property I, Fall 2018.

Art Conservation Curriculum

To earn a bachelor’s degree students must complete 124 credits and meet specific requirements as outlined in the University of Delaware undergraduate catalog. The plan below is just one example of a degree path. Each student determines their course work in consultation with their faculty advisor. The average number of credits per semester ranges from 14-17. Winter and summer sessions can help lighten regular semester coursework. Remember to check graduate school requirements to be sure you are fulfilling both graduation and graduate entrance requirements. We encourage students to double-major or minor in related fields such as chemistry, art history, anthropology, a foreign language, art, or material culture studies (minor only). A double major within the College of Arts and Science requires 124 credits total. Be sure to use Advising Central for more information!

A sample schedule for four years at UD​:


 Fall SemesterSpring Semester

Conservation Intro (ARTC 101) 1

University Math Req. (MATH 114) 3

Critical Reading & Writing (ENGL 110) 3 

Trad. Drawing (ARTC 280) 3

Intro Art History/Anthropology (100-level) 3

Elective/Breadth Requirement 3

Color Mixing and Matching (ARTC 185) 3

Art Hist/Anthro (200- to 400-level) 3

Foreign Language (105/106) 4

Foreign Language (106/107) 4

Note: A not-for-credit summer internship in the registration department of a museum, a conservation internship, or a Summer Service-Learning project would be a great first summer experience!


Fall Semester  Spring Semester

General Chemistry I (CHEM 103) 4  

General Chemistry II (CHEM 104) 4

Preservation of Cult Prop I (ARTC 301) 3

Preservation of Cultural Property II (ARTC 302) 3   

Foreign Language (107) 4

Art Hist/Anthro (200- to 300-level) 3

Art Hist/Anthro (200- to 300-level) 3      

Elective/Breadth Requirement 3

Elective/Breadth Requirement 3 or

Art (243/281/250/290) 3 

 Art (243/281/250/290) 3

Note:  Students are encouraged to seek non-credit (or for credit) summer internships. 


Fall Semester   

Spring Semester

Organic Chemistry (321& 325) 4

Organic Chemistry (322&326) 4

Trad. Paint Studio (ARTC 488) 3

Color Science (ARTC 210) 4

  or Forensics (ARTC 390) 3

ARTC Studio (ARTC 480/488/489/490) 3   

Art (243/281/250/290) 3

Art Hist/Anthro (200- to 400-level) 3

Internship (DLE) (ARTC 464) 3

Art Conservation Internship (ARTC 464) 3

Note: Study Abroad during a winter session would be great!  6 credits


Fall Semester   

Spring Semester

Capstone (ARTC 495) 3

Art (243/281/250/290) 3

ARTC Internship (ARTC 464) 3

ARTC Studio (ARTC 480/488/489/490) 3

Elective/Breadth Requirement 6

Elective/Breadth Requirements 6

Additional Chem 3

Art Hist/Anthro (200- to 400-level) 3​​

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