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News ARTC students join Phi Beta Kappa

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Left: ARTC student Raychelle Osnato in the paintings lab at Winterthur, consolidating Korean War Scene by Jimmie Mosely using BEVA 371 and a small heated spatula. Right: ARTC student Annabelle Fichtner repairing a tear on a silver gelatin developed-out panorama from the African American Historical Society in Portsmouth, VA. 

​Our congratulations to the five undergraduate ARTC students—Rachel Dunscomb, Annabelle Fichtner, Emma Heath, Raychelle Anne Osnato, and Nova Anna Sturchio—who were recently invited to join Phi Beta Kappa! Founded in 1776, the prestigious liberal arts and sciences honor society celebrates excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and advocates for the value and benefits of liberal arts and sciences education.

About her UD experience and ongoing training, Raychelle Osnato (pictured above) says: "I have a lot of artists in my family, so growing up I always knew I wanted to study art. Since attending the University of Delaware and studying art conservation, art history, and museum studies, I have had many rewarding and diverse experiences. I have had the opportunity to work with many conservators and museum professionals in institutional and private studios such as the Textile Conservation Workshop, Wilderstein Historic Site, University of Delaware Library and Museums, and Winterthur Museum. Two summers ago I even was able work experience archaeological conservation as part of a field school located in Italy. There I helped excavate and conserve Roman villas and floor mosaics with the Centro di Conservazione Archaeologica (CCA). As my undergraduate experience comes to a close I look forward to graduating this spring and later interning at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) this summer." Annabelle Fichtner (also pictured above) says: "Since transferring to the Art Conservation Department as a sophomore, I have been blown away by the numerous amazing resources available to undergrads- at the University, at Winterthur, and through the department's many connections. I will always be so grateful for our wonderful and thoughtful professors and mentors."

In addition to the inductees listed above, Phi Beta Kappa has conferred the Clift and DeArmond Award on ARTC student Miriam-Helene Rudd. This award is given to an outstanding sophomore enrolled in curricula satisfactory for subsequent election to Phi Beta Kappa, in honor of Professors Eve Clift and Anna Janney DeArmond, who were founding and long term members of the Alpha of Delaware Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Rudd says: "I have been interested in art conservation since middle school, so studying at the University of Delaware has been a dream come true. I am grateful for this community that supports, challenges, and inspires me. I believe that material culture has the power to unite and strengthen communities at local and global levels, and I look forward to playing a role in the preservation of heritage."

Please join us in congratulating all of these students on their many accomplishments. To learn more about Phi Beta Kappa, visit their website here.

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​Our congratulations to the undergraduate ARTC students who were recently recognized by the prestigious liberal arts and sciences honor society.

​Our congratulations to the undergraduate ARTC students who were recently recognized by the prestigious liberal arts and sciences honor society.

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ARTC students join Phi Beta Kappa
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ARTC students join Phi Beta Kappa
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