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Industry Contacts

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MITRA is headed by paintings conservator Dr. Kristin DeGhetaldi and Brian Baade, a paintings conservator and an Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware. MITRA's online forum is overseen by the group of moderators made up of established experts in the fields of art materials, art conservation, and materials science.

MITRA and its moderators fully realize that members of the art materials manufacturing sector can offer a wealth of experience and information not available anywhere else. The following individuals and companies have agreed to be resources for our moderators:

Mallory Butcher

Customer Service, Masterpak 


Richard Frumess

Founder, R&F Handmade Paints


Robert Gamblin

Founder, Gamblin Artists Colors


Ben Gavett

Director of Regulatory Affairs, Golden Artist Colors, Inc.


Scott Gellatly

Product Manager, Gamblin Artists Colors


Ulysses Jackson

Formulator, R&D, and Technical Services, Golden Artist Colors


Karl Kelly

Representative, Mount Vision Pastel Company


Dr. Georg Kremer

Company Founder, Kremer Pigments Inc.


Deborah Maklowski

CPSA, CPX, Product Research Director, The Colored Pencil Society of America


George O'Hanlon

Technical Director, Natural Pigments


Elaine Salazar

President, Ampersand Art Supply


Sarah Sands

Senior Technical Specialist, Golden Artist Colors


Diane Townsend

Diane Townsend Artists' Pastels


MITRA's mission is to be completely unbiased and to refrain from promoting specific brands. We do understand that periodically there will be questions about specific art materials that can only be answered by representatives from that company. The following individuals are the first of a growing group of industry contacts who have made themselves available to answer questions about the products that they produce.


Ed Brickler, Director of Consumer Education and Outreach


Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oil Colours

Michael Harding, Founder


Princeton Artist Brush Company

Howard Kaufman


Rosemary & Co Artists' Brushes

Rosemary Thompson


Royal Talens

Kyle Richardson, Vice President


Silver Brush Limited

Dee Silver

Lisa Coddington, Owner 


If you work for an art materials or allied manufacturer not listed here and would be willing to serve as a contact for your company, please contact us at: 

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Industry Contacts
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Industry Contacts
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