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    Question asked 2019-08-03 11:22:33 ... Most recent comment 2019-08-03 19:18:53
    Oil Paint

    Thanks for that great explanation on PVC for oils! I have 4 follow up questions -  If we are to use the correct PVC for our oil paintings and adhere to the "paste paint adheres better" approach, then does this (1) eliminate the initial thinned out under painting stage or use of a light colored undertone for the canvas? (2) eliminate the oiling out between paint layers? (3) are we better off by eliminating any additional Alkyd mediums to help make the oil paints more fluid? (4) and lastly, how would our applications of a "glazing" layer for special effects, be adjusted to keep everything in a PVE balance?


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    ​Although I remarked that paint at its CPVC adheres better than paint at high PVC, such as paint that has been heavily diluted with solvent applied to absorbent surface, it may not matter since most artists do this in the initial layer of a painting. Applying more paint over it practically eliminates the potential for poor adhesion because oil from upper layers sink into the first layers and helps to bind particles. The only problem is sinking in.

    Perhaps the best reason to avoid the use of solvents is health. Avoiding solvents in painting also reduces the potential for sinking in, and reduces the need for oiling out.

    Adding a small amount of oil to paint to make it more fluid slighly lowers the PVC of paint, but should not be a problem.

    It is also possible to glaze without adding large amounts of oil or medium to paint, simply by using a stiff brush and applying the paint thinly.

    George O'Hanlon
    2019-08-03 19:18:53

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MITRA Forum Question Details
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