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    Question asked 2019-02-06 08:55:15 ... Most recent comment 2019-02-06 14:48:52
    Paint Mediums Solvents and Thinners Oil Paint

    ‚ÄčOne of my colleagues used to use Laropal K80 for making his own painting medium. This product, however, is replaced by Laropal A81 for some time. But using this new A81, the ratio laropal/white spirit seems off, it turns into a tough sticky substance. Does anybody here, know what the ratio should be, or how to avoid the gunk?


Answers and Comments

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    ‚ÄčTo properly disolve Laropal A81, you will need white spirits (mineral spirits) with at least a 30% aroamatic content. You can prepare a solvent for Laropal A81 by blending white spirits with high flash naphtha or toluene in a ratio of 70% and 30%, respectively.

    George O'Hanlon
    2019-02-06 14:48:52

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MITRA Forum Question Details
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