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  • Combined oil mediumsApproveRejectUn-ApproveSubscribeUn-Unsubscribe
    Question asked 2018-01-11 10:46:55 ... Most recent comment 2018-01-11 12:51:04
    Paint Mediums Oil Paint Solvents and Thinners

    ​I glaze using oil paint. I need to know if I have used Gamblin solvent free gel or fluid can I then use walnut alkyd oil on the same painting? I prefer walnut oil, but am not always allowed to use it if the venue is nut free. 

Answers and Comments

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    ​There should be no problem doing this as long as you observe rational layering practices (less or no medium in lower layers, etc.). Will will send this to Gamblin to see if they have anything to add. 

    Brian Baade
    2018-01-11 12:03:47
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    Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel and Solvent-Free Fluid are mixtures of alkyd resin (soya oil-modified, long chain alkyd resin) and safflower oil. Think of the alkyd resin as a pre-polymerized oil – highly compatible with other drying oils, just further along in its drying process.


    I see no issues incorporating these mediums with other drying oils (linseed, safflower or walnut). They are all similar in their oil (“fat”) content – 100%. Do keep in mind that the Solvent-Free mediums will be faster drying than any of the aforementioned drying oils.

    Scott Gellatly
    Product Manager
    Gamblin Artists Colors

    2018-01-11 12:34:22
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    Thanks Scott. Given this info perhaps I could add an additional suggestion if one wants to be absolutely scrupulous with technique. The fast drying nature of the solvent free gel means that in a mixed medium context it would be better to either use it in the lower layers or add it sparingly to the upper layers. This is to maintain the preferred idea of faster drying lower layers and slower upper to prevent cracking, etc.

    Brian Baade
    2018-01-11 12:51:04

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MITRA Forum Question Details
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