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    ​I would like to mount some 10" x 20", oil studies on pH neutral PVA sized, 140 lb wc paper onto 4 mm dibond using acrylic dispersion medium.   I suspect that this is not optimal, but wish to frame the studies.

    Any suggestions?

    Have done the same on gatorfoam, in  smaller sizes, without problem in the past.   The wc paper is stiffer than linen and doesn't seem to buckle or bubble in these small sizes, unlike linen.

    Read the pertinent posts and information in the resources section, but it did not specifically address finished oil studies, on paper, being mounted onto dibond, hence the above question.   As dibond is not absorbant, coating both sides of the panel should not be necessary, correct?

    Thanks for your help.

    2017-09-27 14:01:31
  • ApproveRejectUn-ApproveUser Comment

    ​rigid supports

    2017-09-27 14:04:49
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MITRA Forum Question Details
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