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Studio Art Courses

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minimum of 5 courses (15 semester credits) in Studio Arts and Crafts is required.

Drawing (6 semester credits): 2 courses in representational drawing including figure drawing, object drawing, and perspective. (Do not substitute courses in design, printmaking, stage design, architectural drafting, etc. for these requirements.)

Painting (3 semester credits): 1 course in representational painting (still-life, figure, and/or landscape) using traditional painting materials and techniques.

Three-dimensional Design (3 semester credits): 1 course in sculpture, ceramics, glass, weaving, woodworking, or jewelry making.

Studio Arts and Crafts (3 semester credits): 1 additional course from among the following areas: drawing, color, painting, printmaking (intaglio, lithography or woodcut), photography, sculpture, woodworking, ceramics, glassmaking, jewelry making, metal making and fabrication, weaving, tailoring, pattern making, papermaking, bookbinding, letterpress printing.

See also WUDPAC Portfolio Requirements

NOTE: Studio Arts and Crafts courses taken in high school are not accepted. Courses must have been completed for college credit.

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Studio Art Courses
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Studio Art Courses
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