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Studio Art Courses

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Magdalena Solano (WUDPAC 2022) examines an untitled double-sided portrait by the artist William George Krieghoff (Image Credit: Evan Krape, University of Delaware).

​​A minimum of 4 courses (12 semester credits) in studio arts and crafts is required.

Drawing (3 semester credits): 1 course in representational drawing including figure drawing, object drawing, and perspective. (Do not substitute courses in design, printmaking, stage design, or architectural drafting for these requirements.)

Painting (3 semester credits): 1 course in representational painting (still-life, figure, and/or landscape) using traditional painting materials and techniques.

Three-dimensional Design (3 semester credits): 1 course in sculpture, ceramics, glass, weaving, woodworking, or jewelry making.

Studio Arts and Crafts (3 semester credits): 1 additional course from among the following areas: drawing, color, painting, printmaking (intaglio, lithography or woodcut), photography, sculpture, woodworking, ceramics, glassmaking, jewelry making, metal making and fabrication, weaving, tailoring, pattern making, papermaking, bookbinding, or letterpress printing.

Conservation and studio portfolio requirements are available on this page.

NOTE: Studio arts and crafts courses taken in high school are not accepted. The four required courses must have been completed for college credit. Applicants are encouraged to have taken an additional (fifth) studio art course for college credit or through an established museum or art/craft studio center program.

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Studio Art Courses
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Studio Art Courses
  • The Department of Art Conservation
  • 303 Old College
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-3489