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Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Museum Studies Courses

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A minimum of 6 courses (18 semester credits) in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, or Museum & Library Studies is required.

Ideally no more than 1-2 of these courses would be introductory survey courses while 4-5 would be upper-level courses in different cultural traditions and/or different historical periods.

Sample subject areas for accepted survey courses include:
  • Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology 
  • Introduction to Material Cultural Studies 
  • Introduction to Art History I 
  • Introduction to Art History II
  • Technology and Culture
Art in the East and West
  • Methods in the History of Art
Sample subject areas for accepted upper level courses include:
  • Origins of Art
  • Old World Archaeology
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Indian Art
  • Chinese Art
  • Himalayan Art
  • Japanese Art
  • Ancient Near Eastern Art
  • Southeast Asian Art
  • World Archaeology
  • Greek & Roman ArtIslamic Art
  • Early Medieval Art
  • Later Medieval Art
  • Pre-Columbian Central and South American Art
  • Native North American Art
  • Early Renaissance Art
  • Art of the North Renaissance
  • High Renaissance & Mannerist ArtBaroque Art​
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Art History/ Archaeology
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Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, and Museum Studies Courses
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