• Nubian Goats enjoying their conservation treatment

    Undergraduate honors students treating bronze sculpture on the UD campus

Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students into the Art Conservation Major, but it is advisable to contact us (Dr. Cassman at ) in your early stages of planning because the Department cannot guarantee that you will graduate in less then two years when transferring from another institution or from another major within the University of Delaware.  We have a minimum GPA requirement of at least a 2.0.

Internal UD transfers can make a change in their majors via UDSIS.

For those students coming from another institution it is your responsibility to find equivalencies for transfer credits from your previous institutions.  This may entail going to the specific department and showing your syllabus and coursework (or at a minimum a catalog course description) so they can determine how the course would be ranked in our system.  It is a good idea to start early and not wait until senior check out.  The University Transfer Center has basic guidance, but the legwork is up to you.  If you are lucky enough to have taken a course that someone has already transferred from the previous institution, then it is already in the system and transfer is simple and almost automatic.  So check first to see if the Transfer Center already has the course in the system.   

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  • Color Mixing and Matching Coursework  (primary palette)
  • Color Mixing and Matching Coursework  (muted or limited palette)
  • Undergraduate working on his studio art projects

Art Conservation Major in UD Catalog