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    A look at the new Class of 2016 blog! 

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Class of 2016 launches blog

The WUDPAC Class of 2016 blog is now online, following the model set by previous incoming WUDAC Fellows. The new blog is intended to give visitors some insight into the day-to-day activities of the students: lectures, projects, field trips, internships, and more. The blogs join a host of amusing and informative blogs by current and recently graduated Fellows, including When Super Glue Won’t Do (Steven O'Banion, WUDPAC Class of 2012), Branches of the Same Tree (Crista Pack, WUDPAC Class of 2013), Repair the Tear (Heather Brown, WUDPAC Class of 2014),and Daly Conservation (Rose Daly Cull, WUDPAC Class of 2011), as well as blogs by UD Preservation Studies Doctoral Program student Amanda Norbutus and recent graduate Christina Cole. Blog posts by current WUDPAC students can also be found on the websites of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (Adam Novak, WUDPAC Class of 2012, summer internship placement), the Indianapolis Museum of Art (Morgan Hayes, WUDPAC Class of 2013, summer internship placement), and the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (Rose Daly Cull, WUDPAC Class of 2011, third-year internship placement). We invite you to read and contribute your observations and questions!

There are other ways to stay in touch with us and other members of the Art Conservation community. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter

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