New London Road Community Walking Tour

Welcome to the New London Road Community Walking Tour's Website. You can choose to follow this tour around the neighborhood with an iPhone, or from the comfort of your own home. To the left you can find a page dedicated to each stop of the tour.  Just select the topic of interest to the left and click.  Below you will find directions that will take you through the neighborhood and the twelve stops along the way.

For further research and resouces on this important community you can consult the online resources of Special Collections at the Morris Library of the University of Delaware.  This walking tour was a community effort that developed over several years and with the cooperation of many people in the New London Road Community and at the University.  We are grateful to all who have participated.


We would like to thank the numerous community members for their help with the many historic images and information they supplied.  We would also like to thank Dr. Crystal Hayman Simms for her narration, Keith Rich for his production work, and Dr. Elizabeth Keenan Knauss for her scripts.  It was a labor of love on everyone's part. 

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New London Road Walking Tour Directions

1. Introduction
Start at the bottom of New London Road, just north of the train tracks, on the left hand side of the road. Listen to Segment 1 – Introduction while you walk north to Pilgrim Baptist Church, at 49 New London Road.

2. Pilgrim Baptist Church
Stop at 49 New London Road and listen to Segment 2 – Pilgrim Baptist Church

3. Mr. Bobby's Barbershop & Big Field
Cross New London Road and continue north until you come upon a set of three stone steps with no attached house. Listen to Segment 3 – Mr. Bobby’s Barber Shop and Big Field. 

4. Elk's Lodge & Cleveland Ave.
Continue north along New London Road and turn right on Cleveland Avenue. Once you turn onto Cleveland Avenue, listen to Segment 4 – Cleveland Avenue and the Elks Lodge. Make sure to pause at the Elks Lodge. 

5. Creek Road
Once you reach the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and North College Avenue, or Creek Road as many know it, you have a choice. If you’re up for a longer walk, turn right onto North College Avenue and walk north until you reach White Clay Creek, about 2/10s of a mile. When you reach the creek, listen to Segment 5 – White Clay Creek. Once you are done at the creek, turn around and head towards Ray Street, where you will make a right.
6. Ray Street
If you choose not to go up to the creek, head north on North College Avenue and turn left onto Ray Street. As you are walking down Ray Street, listen to Segment 6 – Ray Street.
7. Green's Field
Once you reach the end of Ray Street, turn right onto New London Road and head north until you can see the University of Delaware high rises. Listen to Segment 7 – Green’s Field here.
8. New London Avenue School
After listening to the Green’s Field segment, cross New London Road and walk up to 303 New London Road, the George Wilson Community Center. Listen to Segment 8 – New London Avenue School.
9. Bell's Funeral Home & The Wagon Wheel
Now head back south on New London Road a yards to Emily Bell Lane. Stop and listen to Segment 9 – Bell’s Funeral home and the Wagon Wheel.
10. Terry Manor
Continue south on New London Road and turn right onto Corbit Street and then right onto Terry Lane. Listen to Segment 10 – Terry Manor and George Wilson as you walk around Terry Manor.
11. Mt. Zion U.A.M.E. Church
Once you are finished walking around Terry Manor, head back out onto Corbit Street and cross over New London Road onto Ray Street. Turn right onto Rose Street and stop at Mt. Zion Church. Listen to Segment 11 – Mt. Zion Church.
12. St. John Church
Continue south on Rose Street  and turn right onto Cleveland Avenue. Stop at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and New London Road and make sure you can see St. John’s Church across the street. Listen to Segment 12 – St. John and Conclusion.

Thank you for taking the New London Road Walking Tour! 



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